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Recently Added Projects

Apr 27 » Web Frameworks » Gaelyk

Gaelyk is a lightweight Groovy toolkit for Google App Engine Java.

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Sep 01 » Web Services » Membrane SOA Registry

Lightweight registry that observes Web Services to insure a healthy SOA. Monitors and logs the availability of services. If a WSDL description of a service has changed the registry will detect the change.

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Jun 19 » Charting & Reporting » GraphicsBuilder

GraphicsBuilder provides an easy way to create Java2D graphics in a similar manner as JavaFX Script but in a groovier way.

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Jun 19 » Issue Tracking » FogBugzReporter

This simple application written in the Groovy language allows users to connect to FogBugz servers (FogBugz On Demand or server version 6.0+) and produce simple timesheet reports.

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Jun 19 » Issue Tracking » Jiration

Provides a simple Groovy API through which to programmatically interact with Atlassian's JIRA.

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Jun 19 » Security » Grails OAuth

This plugin is intended to ease your way of implementing an OAuth consumer for your Grails app. It provides built-in controller actions, service methods, and taglib to help you perform the two fundamental tasks you ever want to do as an OAuth consumer - to guide the user to authorize your app, and access OAuth protected resources after getting the authorization.

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Jun 19 » Swing » SwingxtrasBuilder

SwingxtrasBuilder is a Groovy builder for an heterogeneous collection of Swing components. Those components are not packaged on a suite or their suite is too small to warrant a builder of their own.

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Jun 19 » Swing » FlamingoBuilder

FlamingoBuilder is a Groovy builder for the open source Flamingo Swing component suite

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Jun 19 » Swing » CSSBuilder

CSSBuilder is a Groovy builder for styling a Swing application with CSS

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Jun 19 » Eclipse Plugins » Groovy Monkey

Groovy Monkey is a dynamic scripting tool for the Eclipse Platform that enables you to automate tasks, explore the Eclipse API and engage in rapid prototyping.

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Jun 19 » Installers » Griffon Installer

The Installer plugin provides useful packaging solutions for your Griffon application. The current supported options are * IzPack: platform independent installer, highly configurable. * RPM: RedHat Package Manager based installer, works on RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Mandriva. * DMG: MacOsX based installer

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Jun 19 » Swing » Griffon

Griffon is a Grails like application framework for developing desktop applications in Groovy.

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Jun 19 » Build Systems » Gradle

Gradle is a build system which provides: * A very flexible general purpose build tool like Ant. * Switchable, build-by-convention frameworks a la Maven (for Java and Groovy projects). * Powerful support for multi-project builds. * Powerful dependency management (based on Apache Ivy). * Full support for your existing Maven or Ivy repository infrastructure. * Support for transitive dependency management without the need for remote repositories and pom.xml or ivy.xml files (optional). * Ant tasks as first class citizens. * Groovy build scripts.

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Jun 19 » Wiki Engines » Groowiki

Groowiki is a Wiki program and a document management system together. It lets you edit Wiki pages in a tree structure just like any other wiki, but it also gives you subversion access that makes it very easy to add files to the content.

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Jun 19 » Code Analyzers » CodeNarc

The CodeNarc project provides a static analysis tool and framework for analyzing Groovy source code. CodeNarc scans Groovy source code, looking for violations of predefined or custom rules and generates an HTML report of the results. These rules include checks for coding standards, or searching for unused code, possible bugs or bad coding practices.

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Jun 19 » Web Frameworks » AribaWeb

AribaWeb is an Open Source component-based web application development framework for creating rich, AJAX-enabled applications with the absolute minimum of code (and no hand-coded Javascript).

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Jun 12 » Build Systems » AlexBuild

Alex incorporates convention based builds with easy extensibility. Alex also supports a DSL, which gets rid of the xml clutter offered by most build systems.

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Jun 12 » Testing Tools » easyb

easyb is a BDD framework (like RSpec & JBehave) that provides a domain specific language which makes application verification simple, fun, and easy. easyb provides support for two types of specifications, Behaviors and Stories. Behaviors are created with before and it. Stories are created with scenario, given, when and then.

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Jun 12 » Testing Tools » Hydra-perf

Hydra-perf is a clustered performance testing tool. Hydra-perf uses Terracotta to distribute method invocations across the agent/controller grid and maintains shared state through the use of a data grid. Test scripts are written in Groovy and executed on the agent processes.

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Jun 12 » Testing Tools » Spock

Spock is a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy developers. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its beautiful and highly expressive specification language. Thanks to its JUnit runner, Spock is compatible with most IDEs, build tools, and continuous integration servers.

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Jun 12 » Web Services » Cloud Tools

Cloud Tools is a set of tools for deploying, managing and testing Java EE applications on Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). It also has a maven and a grails plugin.

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Jun 12 » Testing Tools » Lightest

Lightest is a task-oriented test automation framework that aims to simply the process of creating functional, integration, and domain-specific testing frameworks. It leverages the flexible TestNG execution engine with the expressiveness of the Groovy language

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Jun 12 » Bloggers » Grails Blog

GrailsBlog is an open source blog application written in Groovy and Grails.

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Jun 12 » Web Services » AWS Groovy Clouds

AWS Groovy Clouds is an open source library for AWS written in Groovy. It supports S3, SQS, and SDB with a simple interface.

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Jun 11 » Job Schedulers » mgnlgroovy-scheduler

A scheduler module for Magnolia CMS which supports Groovy jobs, as well as native Magnolia's Command jobs. Based on the original magnolia-scheduler module (which in turn uses Quartz), it adds a nice UI in Magnolia AdminCentral for creating and monitoring your jobs and support for jobs written in Groovy.

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Jun 11 » Testing Tools » EasySpec

EasySpec uses annotations to define the unit of interest, context, and behaviors for BDD-style specifications. Because there is no test runner, you are free to use your favorite. Easy Spec is independent of the testing framework.

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Jun 11 » Testing Tools » TestNGroove

Test'N'Groove (read as in Test and Groove) is the integration of Groovy and TestNG. This enables writing TestNG tests directly in the Groovy scripting language.

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Jun 11 » Bloggers » GroovyBlogs

A Blog Community Aggregator based developed with Groovy on the Grails platform

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Jun 11 » Testing Tools » Gmock

Gmock is a mocking framework for the Groovy language. It is all about simple syntax and readability of your tests so you spend less time learning the framework and more writing code.

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Jun 11 » Web Testing » Tellurium Automated Testing Framework

The Tellurium Automated Testing Framework is a UI module-based automated testing framework for web applications. The UI module is a collection of UI elements you group together. Usually, the UI module represents a composite UI object in the format of nested basic UI elements.

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Jun 11 » ERP & CRM » Geogia

Project Geogia is an effort to build an Enterprise Resource Planning system using Grails. Domain classes for the project are generated from Apache OFBiz.

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Jun 11 » Persistence » db4o-groovy

This project provides utilities for groovy to access db4o databases. It includes a builder and db4o aware extensions of the groovy shell. The builder takes over opening and closing of the database, executing queries. Custom code is injected using closures.

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Jun 11 » Network Clients » Groovy HTTP Client

This project is a mix of Groovy, Apache Http Core+Client 4, and Jericho HTML Parser. It aims at providing a set of Groovy-ish API for using Apache HTTP Client and extract content with Jericho HTML Parser

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Jun 11 » Inversion of Control » Groovy Guice

The groovy-guice project enables you to use Groovy script files and Groovy source files as binding targets in Guice. Ease of use and minimal amount of code for configuration were the design goals.

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Jun 11 » Text Processing » GOP - Groovy Option Parser

GOP is a command line option parsing alternative to CliBuilder. It replicates the option parsing behavior of the Ruby library, clip. Clip makes it simple to define options and simple to use the parsed parameters.

Go To GOP - Groovy Option Parser

Jun 11 » Collections » GParallelizer

GParallelizer offers Groovy developers intuitive ways to handle tasks concurrently. This framework provides straightforward Groovy-based Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) to declare, which parts of the code should be performed in parallel. Objects are enhanced with asynchronous methods like eachAsync(), collectAsync() and others, to perform collection-based operations in parallel. Also, closures can be turned into their asynchronous variants, which when invoked schedule the original closure for processing in an executor service. The library also provides several helper methods for running a set of closures concurrently.

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Jun 11 » JMX » JmxBuilder

JmxBuilder is a Groovy-based domain specific language for the Java Management Extension (JMX) API. It uses the builder pattern to create an internal DSL that facilitates the exposure of regular Java and Groovy beans for runtime control and management via the MBean server.The Groovy JMX Builder DSL hides the complexity of creating and exporting management beans via the JMX API and provides a set of natural constructs to interact with the JMX infrastructure.

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Jun 11 » Web Frameworks » GroovyFlow

GroovyFlow is an alternative to Spring's dynamic language support. It allows web developers to see the effects of changes in their Groovy code without restarting their servlet engine.

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Jun 11 » JMX » Jagger

Jagger is a java application monitoring tool (implemented in groovy) using JMX technology to aggregate, archive and visualize monitoring data for larger computer clusters, giving developers and administrators both a succinct and comprehensive view into their systems, which normal JMX consoles cannot do due to information overflow.

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Oct 14 » Build Systems » Maven Tools for Grails

Maven Tools for Grails is a set of maven artifacts used to ease the building/development of Grails Application using maven 2.

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Oct 14 » Build Systems » Groovy Maven 2 Integration

It is a set of plugins that provide a highly enriched integration of the Groovy language into Maven 2.

Go To Groovy Maven 2 Integration

Oct 13 » Workflow Engines » Grailsflow

GrailsFlow is a Workflow and Business Process Engine written in Groovy and Grails. It is/has a complete out of the box application and an engine for workflow management, a very simple structure and is easy to understand and uses Groovy/Java to define the process, not XML. It also provides a complete user interface for worklist management, process definition and process monitoring

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Oct 13 » Issue Tracking » i-Ticket

i-Ticket is simple implementation issue tracking tool based on Grails web application framework. It supports: * per project configuration (ticket type, components, ticket flow ...) * customizable ticket types, version types, component types (in hierarchical structure) * roles management (development, customer, solution support -> affects viewing of tickets) * access control list on projects/components/tickets/fields (bound with roles management) * customizable fields for tickets (add, edit, delete?) * configurable flow of ticket states (new, assigned, fixed/rejected..., verified, closed) * per user customizable views of tickets * user/ticket administration * time management (estimated time for each ticket) * time effort tracking (time spent solving a ticket * save current project as template for future use (create a predefined project) * ticket exports (pdf, xml, txt, xls) * embedded wiki page * RSS/ATOM support

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Oct 13 » RSS & RDF Tools » Feed Aggregation Tools

Feed Aggregations Tools provides a set of scripts using Rome and Groovy to support RSS or ATOM aggregation.

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Oct 13 » Project Management » GrailsTrack

GrailsTrack provides a high-level view of a project as it moves through its development lifecycle. It is a port of Chris Richardson's and Kito Mann's Project Track application.

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Oct 13 » Persistence » ORMLite

ORMLite is simple and small object-relational mapping tool f for groovy

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Oct 13 » PDF Libraries » Groovy PDF

Providing a builder to generate pdfs from Groovy. Based on the Java libraries from iText

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Oct 13 » Web Frameworks » Aerie

Aerie is web application framework based in groovy with a natural approach to Test Driven Development. It supports decorators, filters and more.

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Oct 13 » Web Frameworks » WOGroovy

WOGroovy is a framework for Apple WebObjects that provides support for writing components or full applications using the groovy language

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Oct 13 » Web Frameworks » GroovyWorks

A light weight extension to the Struts 2 framework supporting the Groovy scripting language and full Spring integration for dependency management.

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Oct 13 » Wiki Engines » Biscuit

Biscuit is a simple wiki application written in Java and Groovy.

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Oct 13 » Wiki Engines » Woko

Woko is an extensible Object-Oriented Wiki, where you don't browse or edit pages, but objects. It's a combination of OOP, Domain Driven Development and MVC.

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Oct 13 » Charting & Reporting » GroovyChart

GroovyChart is a Groovy Builder that allows creation of rich Swing and HTML Charts using JFreeChart.

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Oct 13 » Rule Engines » GroovyRules

GroovyRules is a very lightweight JSR-94 rule engine implementation that allows rules to be defined using the Groovy scripting language. GroovyRules allows rules to be redefined at runtime, and your application will automatically work to the new definitions.

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Oct 13 » Persistence » GSQL

Groovy supports a few neat ways to work with SQL more easily and to make SQL more Groovy. You can perform queries and SQL statements, passing in variables easily with proper handling of statements, connections and exception handling thanks to closures.


Oct 13 » Web Services » GroovyWS

GroovyWS is GroovySOAP replacement that uses Apache CXF (instead of XFire) and Java5 features

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Oct 13 » Web Services » Groovy SOAP

SOAP is a lightweight protocol intended for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment. Groovy has a SOAP implementation based on XFire which allows you to create a SOAP server and/or make calls to remote SOAP servers using Groovy.

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Oct 13 » Swing » GraphicsBuilder

GraphicsBuilder provides an easy way to create Java2D graphics from groovy.

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Oct 12 » Persistence » Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM)

GORM is Grails' object relational mapping (ORM) implementation. Under the hood it uses Hibernate 3 (an extremely popular and flexible open source ORM solution) but because of the dynamic nature of Groovy, the fact that it supports both static and dynamic typing, and the convention of Grails there is less configuration involved in creating Grails domain classes.

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Oct 12 » Web Frameworks » Grails

Grails aims to bring the \"coding by convention\" paradigm to Groovy. It's an open-source web application framework that leverages the Groovy language and complements Java Web development. You can use Grails as a standalone development environment that hides all configuration details or integrate your Java business logic. Grails aims to make development as simple as possible and hence should appeal to a wide range of developers not just those from the Java community.

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Oct 12 » Build Systems » Gant

Gant is a build tool for scripting Ant tasks using Groovy code instead of XML to specify the build logic. A Gant build specification is just a Groovy script and so can bring all the power of Groovy to bear directly, something not possible with Ant scripts.

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Oct 12 » Testing Tools » Grester

Grester is a Maven2 Plugin for the Jester Tool, written entirely in Groovy. It was born out of a need to quickly test the junit tests with Jester from within Maven projects.

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Oct 12 » Web Frameworks » JControl

JControl is a small MVC framework built with Groovy and Velocity languages. It uses convention over configuration and makes no use of configuration files

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Oct 12 » Financial Soft » LemonGrass

LemonGrass is a tool for technical analysis of stocks that uses Yahoo end of the day data.

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Oct 12 » Web Servers » Not Another Web Server

Not Another Web Server is an extensible Web Server framework, providing a basic Web Server along with a large toolkit of services supporting Bean Shell, Groovy, Python, email, ldap, and much more!

Go To Not Another Web Server

Oct 12 » Web Frameworks » Groovestry

Groovestry is designed to integrate the Groovy scripting language and the Tapestry web application framework.

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Oct 12 » Web Mail » Glenvelope

An IMAP-based web mail system written in the Groovy language with a zero config installation and simple user interface.

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Oct 12 » Swing » JideBuilder

JideBuilder is a Groovy builder for the open source JIDE Common Layer. It is based on the original SwingBuilder. The goal of the project is having a builder for swing apps that seamlessly integrates default swing and jide components.

Go To JideBuilder

Oct 12 » Web Frameworks » Wicket Groovy Toolkit

Wicket Groovy Toolkit is a set of tools to support Wicket development from groovy. It contains a Groovy Builder implementation for Wicket.

Go To Wicket Groovy Toolkit

Oct 12 » Template Engines » GvTags

GvTags is a lightweight yet powerful tag library and template engine for the new dynamic programming language Groovy. The GvTags tag library can be used to generate web pages with powerful tag support. This tag library can be used with the template servlet of GvTags (TagTemplateServlet) or with JavaServer Pages (JSP). GvTags might be for the Groovy programming language what the combination of JSTL and Struts is for Java.

Go To GvTags

Oct 12 » UML & Modeling » Groovy MDA

The Groovy MDA is a library that generates project artifacts from UML models using the Groovy scripting language.

Go To Groovy MDA

Oct 12 » Job Schedulers » GAQ

GAQ is a lightweight framework for developing, scheduling, running and reviewing automated tasks. It combines the scripting ease of Groovy, the power of Ant, and the cross platform scheduling of Quartz. Since all of these tools are based on Java, GAQ highly portable.


Oct 12 » Testing Tools » GroUnit

GroUnit is a unit testing tool for Groovy like JUnit is for Java. Due to the seamless integration of Groovy with Java JUnit can also be used for Groovy unit tests.

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